Heine House Entertainment is IN BUSINESS and ready to take your project to the next level.


- Mixing & Mastering
- Stereo & Stem track mixing
- Clean up of vocal or instrument tracks

- Audio Stem work & arranging
- Noise reduction
- Pre & 
Post-production for TV/film/YouTube/Podcasts
- Voice overs, Ad bumpers & Podcast Intros
- Sound design
- Video game audio

- And much more...


Audio in your entertainment is just as important as the visuals, let's discuss your next project!


Hotshot Racing - Lucky Mountain Games, SUMO Digital

January 2017 - In Production

Spring 2020

Soundtrack Composer

Horizon Shift - Flump Studios (PC STEAM, Nintendo Switch)

 May 2015

Music Composer, Sound Design, Audio Executive Producer

Justice Beaver - Collectorvision Games (Super Nintendo)

March 2015 - In Production

Music Composer, Music Executive Producer

Conquest - Triskelion Games (XBOX 360)

February 2011 – May 2011

Music composer

Signal To Noise - Solanimus Games (PC STEAM)

August 2014

Music composer and featured artist.

Motor Rock - Yard Team Games (PC STEAM)

February 2014

Voice Actor / Game Announcer

Planet 1138 - Triskelion Games (PC, Amazon Fire, Google Play Store)

September 2015

Music Composer