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The Mixtape is a real Cassette shell in White, converted to a USB thumb drive. This has 4GB of digital files!


Featuring a mixture of 320kbps MP3 and AIF/WAV file formats for high quality:


  • Video Game Drum Covers Stage 1
  • Video Game Drum Covers Stage 2
  • Video Game Drum Covers Stage 3
  • Video Game Remix Vol. 1
  • Hotshot Racing Video Game Soundtrack
  • Horizon Shift Video Game Soundtrack
  • Two new songs from my upcoming album "Daybreaks" -- FUSE and Redline
  • Wave Race Mash Up Remix
  • Genesis DOES Mash Up Remix
  • Reggie's Wii Shop Remix
  • Wii U Friends List remix 
  • And many other mash-ups!
  • 21 video clips from the Twitch live drum streams
  • Pictures, emojis and banners!

Heine House USB Cassette Mixtape 2024

  • Please note that shipping internationally has become increasingly expensive for outside USA customers. Like, it's insane, what the hell is going on? It's frustrating for all of us. I want to make this clear and set expectations that I am willing to work with you and figure out the shipping cost. It may not be pretty, but If you are willing to pay it I am willing to ship it. Please email me at or DM me on Discord (Username: TheHeineHouse) and we can discuss options

    For USA customers, the shipping is as follows:

    The sale price includes shipping via USPS ground Advantage within the USA (it's $9.00 of the total price just FYI).

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