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Moving out, and moving in!

Hey, MY GOODNESS I MISS YOU ALL! We finally got internet hooked up at the new house, and so I am booting up the laptop here for the first time. I'd like to give an update on things.

We have finally moved out of the old house, it took so much work, way more than I anticipated. We started the actual move exactly 30 days ago (from the date of this post) now. I was hopeful the 2 weeks I took off of work would be enough time, it wasn't. You really notice how much stuff you have until you need to move it. Putting it into perspective, I touched every single thing in our house moving it out. Big thank you to my Brother CJ and my parents who busted their asses helping us with everything. We couldn't have done it without their help, I am forever thankful! I can hear Steph saying it right now... "You have a lot of stuff" HAHA!

Once moved out, cleaning the old house was another major undertaking I didn't anticipate. Sure, moving is one thing, but cleaning up the house in preparation to return it you don't really think about. We worked ourselves to collapse, and this weekend was the first weekend Steph and I have had to sleep in without an appointment or schedule in months. We basically slept 2 days here, it felt amazing!

We love our new house, it's beautiful and we are excited to get things unpacked and organized, it's an explosion of boxes and clutter everywhere as we move in, but it will all come together no doubt. We are taking things room by room, trying to get situated. I have a million projects to tackle, which is the fun part (I keep telling myself) LOL!

Bob has settled in and loves the new house too, he loves running down the long hallway back and forth. I wish you could have seen his face the first time he ran around here, it was adorable!

Work in progress, we currently have our bedroom TV out in the main Game Room area for the time being. I am on the hunt for a larger wall-mounted TV. I have the connections all ready for it, I just need to find the right TV for this space. (native 120hz and gaming-focused for input lag's sake) I was thinking about the Sony X900H or the Samsung QN85. Have a recommendation for me? I'd love to hear it!

This was the first day we took possession of the house, Months of planning, all came together in this pic. Here you can see the in-celling speakers for whole-home audio, Network devices (Modem/Router/switch/power), and cage for wall mount installation. In the back, you can see kitchen smart lighting, a security system, and a receiver for the main gaming room. I'm so happy I could design the entire tech package for the house, something I have always wanted to do! Maybe I'll do YT videos on these elements. I'm sure some would find it interesting to watch.

I can't wait to get back to entertaining again, I miss live streaming, YouTube, and Podcasting! The Music studio and "Game Office" (where PC gaming and live streaming will happen) as Steph nicknamed will take some time to assemble. Instead of bringing in all my old furniture, I am starting over completely. This is a new beginning and I want my next chapter to reflect that moving forward. So, as such, I sold off (in most cases gave away for free) my old furniture and started fresh! This will be my forever furniture so I am taking my time and making sure it's exactly what I want, The design and look are also important, so I am making sure it fits both for ease with workflow and is aesthetically pleasing.

I went with IKEA ALEX drawers for mounting the Solid Acacia wood Home Depot butcher blocks. This is different than anything I have done before, it's a custom look but gives so much space for tabletops. This was kind of an experiment and so far it has turned out very nice! I went with the gray tones on the ALEX drawers and a Dusk Gray finish on the butcher blocks, to match the walls in the room which are also light gray. Browns are out and gray and blues are in! I think it gives a nice warm and inviting look.

Aside from all of this, I have stories, OMG do I have stories... Look forward to hearing how our ISP turned on the main water line to my house while a plumber was installing a water softener... Flooded my whole garage! So much gaming news has happened as well, Switch 4K, game announcements, so much I need to catch up on, and I can't wait to get back to discussing it with you! Overall this has been quite an experience, one that I will never forget. Thank you for your continued support while I take this needed time off to sort out our new life here,

I am excited to get back to being creative. This new space will no doubt spark new creative energy, I am excited for the new content that will come from that. I'm excited to share these moments with you all!


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