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Patch notes for Heine House V 1.05 Aug 16th 2019.

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you all know of some exciting additions and changes at The Heine House! MAJOR updates with free and paid DLC is available across a majority of HeineHouse brands, including Heine House LIVE, Patreon, Discord, and more! Here are the patch notes for “Heine House Version 1.05”.

Heine House LIVE Podcast Updates and Changes

- Introducing “Heine House After Party Podcast” a Patreon exclusive 30 minute (or less) Podcast discussing in-depth special topics! 1-2 episodes per month. (Launching September 2019)

- Added verbal shout out to all Patreon Game Loft Tier supporters at the end of every Heine House LIVE Podcast episode.

- Removed HHL Pre recorded outro, and will now verbally speak the outro with Patreon shoutouts, thank yous and plugs. This is to make things more organic.

- Added new Patreon Supporter slide that showcases all 3 new Tier supporters. This will be shown at the beginning and end of every podcast episode.

Patreon updates and changes

- Added new Patreon tiers, perks, rewards, Discord roles, and artwork!

- Added $1-$4 Ground Level Tier.

- Added $5 “Main Floor” Tier.

- Added $20 Game Loft Tier.

- Added First access to Thriftin’ episodes a week early. (Main Floor Tier).

- Added Exclusive access to “Heine House After Party Podcast” (Main Floor Tier).

- Added Car Vlogs to the Game Loft Tier.

- Added A Custom made Heine House Pin to Game Loft Tier. (will ship to everyone in this tier when manufacturing is complete).

- Added new 90’s retro artwork to all tiers… Rad dude!!

Discord Changes and Updates

- Integrated Patreon BOT which now handles roles and tiers for Patrons inside Discord.

PLEASE NOTE THIS NEW CHANGE: Game Loft tier supporters must connect their discord accounts TO Patreon for this to work. This is a new addition, so please do this now.

Heine Website updates:

- Added Patreon image that links back to Located at the top left and right side of the site.

- Removed Patreon link from navigation bar.

- Added Twitch icon to top right social media icon tree.

- Renamed “Video” tab to “Thriftin”

- Removed old outdated videos in “Video” tab and replaced them with a YouTube playlist with all Thriftin’ episodes. This is to make Thriftin’ episode more accessible.

- Added YouTube link back icon to the top right of the web site in the social media tree.

- Removed CDBaby social media icon.

- Merged navigation pages “Contact/Hire and “Experience” pages into one page called “Experience”.

- Added navigation page “Gift Shop” which links to The Heine House Amazon Gift Shop!

- Added "Patch Notes” navigation page to show all new patch notes and updates in the future.

- Removed Heine House Logo animation on all pages to help loading times and speed up response time when loading the web site.

Thank you for your support! Let me know if you find any bugs or issues with the new update. :)


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